Group receives AFOSR DURIP funding for hyperspectral stroboscope

As recently announced by the U.S. D.o.D., our group was¬†fortunate to be selected for a 2015 DURIP (Defense University Research Instrumentation Program) by¬†the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) to support the development of our ultrafast spectroscopy lab! Titled “10-fs Hyperspectral Stroboscope: Capturing Non-equilibrium Electron Dynamics and Multi-Body Correlations via a Coherent Source from EUV to Mid-IR”, the grant will support the development of synchronized ultrafast beam lines in the near-IR by OPCPA, in the mid-IR and UV/vis by adiabatic frequency conversion, and in the EUV by high harmonic generation. The many potential applications of this instrument include resolving and controlling excited electronic and vibrational correlations after photoexcitation, investigating strong-field, femtosecond- and attosecond-timescale molecular physics, and studying out-of-equilibrium strongly correlated and 2D materials.